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The 6 best (non-tesla) home chargers for your Tesla Model 3 in 2020

Last update: Thu Jan 30 2020

Having a home charger - and never having to visit a gas station again - are one of the main perks of owning an electric car. There's some innovation going on in the space however, so we're getting increasing questions as to which one is viable for you. As always the answer to the question "Where are Tesla chargers near me?" is – the nearest one is usually in your garage.

However, these chargers have different levels, which offer different charging speeds, different ports, and various levels of required installation in of your garage.

We're going to pick the 6 best chargers on the market right now, and update this article regularly, as there's so much innovation going on right now in this space.

If you're new to the field, here's a quick video introduction to EV chargers courtesy Fully Charged.

Our Top Pick: ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

We are going to start off by boasting that this device is compatible with Alexa! It's a level 2 240 volt, 32 amp (ie. 7.6kW) EV charger that charges 6 times faster than standard options and gets you 25-ish miles per hour of charge.

The best part is it works will all EVs! So it doesn't matter if you have a sporty Tesla or a sleek BMW i3 or the Mercedes ECQ, Hyundai Kona EV, Jaguar i-Pace or even a Toyota plug-in hybrid - it works!

There is a compatible app for you to download to schedule charging. Save money with the low electricity rates and never forget to charge with the reminders you can easily set on your phone.

It comes with a NEMA 6-50 outlet or you can hardwire the unit indoors but for outdoor installation, the hardwired station is recommended.


  • It's compatible with all EVs!
  • Charges 6 times faster than standard options.
  • The compatible app lets you monitor everything easier and even schedule charges.
  • Add voice control and use Alexa to control the unit.
  • Comes with a Nema 6-50 outlet.


  • May be unreliable in terms of intermittent charging.

2. The Newcomer: Electrify America – Electric Vehicle (EV) Home Charger

Following closely behind is this level 2 charger by Electrify America. With 240 volts, 32 amps and up to 7.7 kW of charging power, it reduces charging time up to 6 times compared to regular or level 1 chargers (much like the above).

Depending on the type of vehicle, you also get up to 25 miles in range per hour of charge. That's pretty good if you ask us!

As for the installation, it's flexible and easy. It comes with the standard NEMA 14-50 power supply plug or it can be hardwired. In the package you also get a docking station that allows you to wall mount the unit.

If your parking space is uncovered, the weatherproof enclosure keeps the charger safe, perfect for indoor or outdoor installation.If safety is your main concern, the device adheres to the stringent standards for all US electric vehicles.


  • This level 2 charger has so much charging power you get 25 miles per hour of charge.
  • The installation is quick, easy and flexible and even includes a wall mount.
  • The weatherproof enclosure makes this device great for indoors and out.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Helpful customer support is always ready 24/7.


  • The charging really slows down for some vehicle models.
  • No Wi-Fi

Why We Like it

The flexibility with mounting is what really puts this at the forefront of our list. The enclosure is also weatherproof making it great for inside and out.

3. The Original: Tesla Motors Cable Wall Charger

This next one is only for those who belong in the Tesla club. All you need to do is to plug it in your vehicle and the next morning you will have a full charge and are ready to go.

What's amazing about the Tesla charger, is it's meant for your Tesla. Therefore, you get the most out of a single charge (44 miles/77km to be exact.) Those with Tesla Model S, X and 3's will benefit from this device.

You also get to customize the power levels and the device is compatible with any home electrical system. What the Tesla charger offers that some other wall chargers don't, is Wi-Fi! Access the details of your charge right on your mobile device.

The tempered white glass faceplate is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments and since it's lightweight, it's easily mountable.

For fast home-charging for Teslas, the 18' cable wall charger is the way to go.


  • Meant for Teslas, the fast charging speeds gets you to most for each charge.
  • The power levels are customizable.
  • The device has Wi-Fi! It allows you to monitor your vehicle while charging.
  • Comes with a tempered white glass faceplate
  • Great for indoor and outdoor charging.


  • Only works with Tesla
  • Not really a con, but it's cheaper on the Tesla website.
  • Doesn't have the NEMA 14-50

Why We Like It

The sleek design of the charger that matches the smooth and glossy Tesla gives you a much further range per charge than most generic brands.

4. Blink Home Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Level 2

The stylish charger also prides itself in charging up to 6 times faster than the standard charger that might of come with your EV.

It's very easy to use and it does not require an app or home network connection to use. All you need to do is plug it in, and with the press of a button charging will start.

What makes this great is the versatility, as it's compatible with any EV including Tesla models.

You can now charge your vehicle from the comfort of your own home. Wake up every morning with a full charge ready to help you get on with the day.


  • Charges 6 times faster than generic brands.
  • It's very easy to use and set up.
  • The charger is compatible with all EVs!
  • The charger is tough and durable and stands up to harsh elements.


  • The unit may not always charge.
  • The $100 credit is not real.

Why We Like It

You do not need anything to run this device. No need for a specific home electrical network or app, the installation is so easy!

5. JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

This is a high power model that comes at 40 amps! Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, the device is made in the USA and built to be tough. To prove it, it's UL listed and works with Alexa!

With the app, you get full access to the web-based charging control. You can schedule the charging, manage the notifications and LED light indicators, and energy metering.

If you are looking for a powerful EV charger for your home, then look no further. It comes with a 14-50R outlet and plugs in easily for installation. If you keep your dryer and washer in the garage, with the proper adapter the charger can work with the dryer outlet!


  • There is just so much power at 40 amps!
  • Install the device indoors or out, the USA-made device is built to withstand all weather conditions.
  • UL listed
  • It works with Alexa voice control!
  • Manage everything from the palm of your hand with the app.
  • Installation is easy.


  • The Wi-Fi is unreliable at times.

Why We Like It

It's one of the more powerful wall chargers around with 40 amps to offer!

6. Morec EV Charging Station 32A Level 2

With this option you get a large and easy-to-read LCD display where you can monitor your car's data while charging. It's also easy to access as the 7.5 meter long cable will put a healthy distance between your car and the charging station.

Constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy casing and a PC alloy panel makes this model stand up to daily wear. It's so tough in fact, that it can even handle the full weight of your car in case you back into it.

It's compatible with all EVs and the power leveler makes sure it balances the power when multiple devices are operating.


  • Made with robust material, the device can bear the brunt of your car!
  • The large LCD display is clear to read and displays all data.
  • Comes with a 7.5 meter long charging cable.
  • Compatible with all EVs


  • The 32 amp charge isn't continuous. It will reduce the amp for longer charges.

Why We Like It

The power leveler makes the unit safe to use while other devices are plugged in as well.

Coming Soon: Bi-Directional Chargers

These amazing inventions are able to dish it out and take it in. In other words, it is able to charge your car, and taking the energy of the battery and putting it back into your house or the grid.

It doesn't take up a lot of space and is easy to install. Just hang it in your home or wall mount it! It's easy to use, installation costs less, and you will be able to use your car as an energy source! It is essentially an energy management system that allows you to do more with the battery.

Nissan Leafs and Mitsubishi Outlanders are currently capable of adopting this wicked design. It's the next step to energy-efficiency. Getting the 7.4 kW back from the battery is enough to power all of your home devices!

We can't wait to see how this item performs in our home!


1. How long does it take to charge a tesla at home?

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus' 54kWh battery takes around 7-8 hours to charge with most of the above chargers, like Charge Points's at 7.6kW, or Tesla's own at 11.5 kW. But that's the wrong question to be asking, as you usually won't arrive home from grocery shopping with 1% battery – you'll arrive home with 70% and top it up to around 80% overnight (when power is cheap and clean-ish). So you won't really have to think about it – while you sleep, the Tesla will top up a little when it's cheapest.