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Best Insurance Choices for VW ID4 and ID.4 AWD Pro

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January 10, 2022

Best Insurance for Volkswagen ID.4 in 2022

The wait is over! The Volkswagen ID4 is making its way to the USA. VW has learned a harsh lesson from their diesel emissions scandal a few years back and has returned with more determination than ever with billions of dollars invested in batteries and software to improve their green initiative and credibility. The result of endless R&D is the all-new ID4.

EVs still require insurance, and the VW ID4 is not exempt. For those new to the electric vehicle arena, you may not understand the difference between regular car insurance and that provided for EVs, which is the question we will answer today along with the best insurances for your new ID4.

But first, a quick review of the ID.4:

Why is EV Insurance Different?

In general, the more expensive the car and the higher the cost is to fix damages, the pricier it is to insure the vehicle. This pertains to EVs, which are traditionally more expensive than regular gas run models, and contributes to the markup of the price for insurance.

Another reason is the repair costs. EVs are new, and they have much less moving parts than traditional cars, which can have a dedicated part to perform a single purpose. In EVs, you may have a larger component that is meant to carry out multiple functions. When that one part is damaged, the replacement is of a much larger scale, which also increases the price.

The batteries in the EV are perhaps the most expensive part to repair. Since each EV battery is proprietary, you may need a specialized mechanic or return the car to the manufacturer for repairs, which will result in higher expenses as well.

Another reason why EV insurance is different is because there are fewer auto body shops that can carry out the repairs, so the ones who can will often charge a premium.

Since EVs are newer to the market, there is a certain lack of trust from consumers. Are the parts as reliable and is the overall construction as durable? Only time will tell.

However, it’s also worth it to note that higher premiums may not always be the case with electric vehicles. Newer companies to the EV game have taken the staggering insurance costs into account when incentivizing buyers to invest in their vehicles by personally insuring them, like Tesla.

Another example is insurance companies out there that offer a reduced premium for EVs as a way to also incentivize drivers to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit the environment. Of course, this will vary from car model to model and the insurance company. To save you time, we have found some companies with the best insurance rates for your VW ID4.

Best Insurances for Your VW ID4


Our first choice is MetroMile, an insurance company that offers a pay per mile format that analyzes your personal driving habits to determine the rate. The cost is calculated by your monthly rate multiplied by the miles plus a few cents tacked on. The monthly costs of MetroMile can be as low as $29, saving drivers $741 on average per year!

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Another incentive for drivers to look into MetroMile is the free miles per day. All miles you drive that exceed 250 are free! Worrying about long road trips will be a thing of the past, although we will remind Jersey drivers that the figure for them is 150 miles.

MetroMile isn’t a company that forces set insurance portfolios on drivers. Instead, they allow you to customize the coverage options that best suit your needs. Whether it’s just collision insurance, a comprehensive one, or anything else you feel you might require, MetroMile can accommodate you.

The handy app that you can download straight to your phone will display important information such as the state of your vehicle, traffic alerts and even real-time updates on fuel costs.

MetroMile offers comprehensive liability, medical and vehicle coverages that are all detailed on their website. They also have a ride along feature that analyzes your driving habits for 17 days to calculate the best rates and coverage suited to you.

Rest assured that you will get accurate results from the company as they use the latest technology to give you the most benefits. As the leading pay-per-mile insurance company in the states, MetroMile has you covered.


Pay-per-mile system 17-day ride along analyzation Downloadable app Offers multiple coverages Choose your coverage Low rates All miles over 250 are free Adopts state-of-the-art technology

Why We Like It

A pay-per-mile system is the best way to save on costs. MetroMile allows you to tailor the plans just for you and helps you save the most money based on your personal driving habits.

Root Insurance

The next insurance provider we found to give VW ID4 drivers the best deal is Root Insurance. Featured on The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, FORBES and Wired, Root Insurance is a premium player in the insurance game.

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Root Insurance will allow you to save up to $900 annually on insurance costs and you can even earn cash offers by referring your friends.

Nothing is worse than having to wait hours for assistance, but Root Insurance promises that won’t happen. You can file a claim in just 3 minutes and being stranded on the roadside is something you will never have to face again thanks to their roadside assistance included in every policy and free Lyft credits when applicable.

The downloadable app is very simple and straightforward. When an accident occurs, just head into the application, click on the type of accident, take pictures, and leave the rest to them. Root keeps drivers updated on every step of the insurance claiming process to give them peace of mind. Customer service is something they take very seriously.

Root Insurance is available in most states and is slowly making its way nationwide. They offer different types of coverage including medical, car and liability but also full coverage, which combines the benefits of all three.

Like many other reputable companies, Root Insurance offers more incentive to good drivers. Complete the test drive to see how much you could potentially save based on your driving habits. Factors such as your focus on the road, gentle turning and breaking, as well as when you drive can also save you money.

Root Insurance isn’t only an auto insurance company, but they also have renters and homeowners insurance available. One of the best parts about Root aside from their customer service is their honesty. If their estimated costs are higher than another company, they won’t stand in the way of you going with another choice.


Your rates are based on your driving habits Offers other types of insurance Multiple coverage options Easy claim filing in under 3 min Excellent customer service Roadside assistance included Lyft credits for certain holidays Cash rewards for referring friends Gives you full control to determine what’s right for you

Why We Like It

Root Insurance puts customers first. They will try to give you the best rates possible but not stand in your way of a more affordable insurance provider is necessary. They keep drivers updated on the process of all claims to give them peace of mind.

Tips for Saving More on Insurance Premiums

Aside from your driving habits, the more gadgets you have in place that can protect your car will the lower the premium too. For example, a car with anti-theft devices and dash cams installed will be more affordable to insure.

A vehicle is one of the fastest depreciating assets a person can buy. If you buy used, there is a chance the premium will also be lower. This way you can save money on the initial cost and monthly payments.

If you pay a higher deductible, the premium should in turn be lowered as well. There are some EV models that are cheaper to insure. Do your due diligence and take a look at hybrid or full EV models that are less costly from month to month.

Depending on where you live, conducting research on the available discounts and incentives provided for driving an EV vehicle could help lower expenses too. The amount you save will depend on the model of your car and the insurer, but you can often save some money this way as well.


EV cars have been on the incline and are gradually rising in popularity. The VW ID4 is a highly anticipated model that will hit American markets. The first EV can be traced back to the late 90s, but even then they are still considered a very niche market for insurers.

Electric cars offer a wealth of benefits to drivers and the environment alike, but the insurance premiums can be quite staggering. If you know where to look and what coverages you need, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars a year.

The options we proposed above are two of the best providers we have come across, but any company that offers various rates depending on a driver’s habits, offers excellent customer service, and multiple coverage selections are worth considering.