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Best Solar Companies in Texas

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November 7, 2021

So you’re thinking of going solar, and where better than sunny Texas, a state that sees plenty of sunshine? Shopping for solar isn’t easy, and there are no two properties that have the exact same layouts and same pricing. How do you find the best solar companies in the great state of Texas and is solar energy even a good choice? We’ll answer these questions and more down below!

Is Solar Energy a Good Investment?

Solar energy is an excellent eco-friendly option to sever your dependence on the power grid. We’ll be perfectly honest and say that there are benefits as well as drawbacks. For those who have done even the most rudimentary research into solar installation will know that the cost isn’t chump change, which makes it even more important for you to be sure about this investment.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros vs cons of solar energy investment to help you get a clearer picture if it really is a good idea for you.



Don’t only look at the number of points within the pros and cons section, but actually weigh out each item. In our opinion, solar energy provides more relevant benefits than the cons. We know that installing solar panels is expensive, and since you are shelling out a lot of money, it’s obvious that it is for a more permanent investment.

The fact that not every house is suited for going solar has to do with the location, roof and position of your house, which are all out of your control.

Let’s focus a bit more on the benefits. Solar panels generate power from solar energy, and you can also invest in a power box that can store excess power for later use. In combination with regular electricity, you can cut down on your utilities every month at least for the next 25 years as your investment works to pay for itself.

Solar panels actually increase the value of your home, so if you were ever to move, you can more than get your money back for your investment. This point really negates the more permanent investment con, if that was the reason why you’re holding back.

Solar energy is green and renewable, which can reduce carbon emissions as well as your carbon footprint. For environmental crusaders or those who just want to do their part to ensure a better future for later generations, solar panels can really help.

You are at the mercy of the government in terms of rising energy costs, but you can distance yourself from this with solar energy.

To sum up, yes, we do believe that solar energy is an excellent investment and probably will be one of the best ones you make.

State Solar Policy Information

Yes, solar energy is expensive, but Texas offers potential solar owners some incentives to make it easier such as tax credits and rebates. Texas doesn’t have a statewide rebate, but you can choose to go with utility companies that do and there are even some local governments that offer rebate programs.

The same goes with net metering. While there is no statewide policy, there are companies such as El Paso Electric that will credit you for the energy your solar panels generate. The state does, however, have a solar rights law that bans any homeowners’ association from prohibiting the installation of solar panels.

Lastly, there are tax credits you can take advantage of on the federal level, more specifically, the ITC.

Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Texas

If you still have questions or are wondering about which solar companies to choose and how much it will cost, you can find out by getting quotes from any of the below top-ranking companies.

Our Top Pick - SolarUnion: Best Customer Service and Best Quality

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SolarUnion is one of the top-rated companies on Energy Sage, and we recommend them for their customer service and the quality of their products. They started out in San Francisco, California, but they are now expanding their innovative technology, brilliant customer service-driven offering to Texas!

Their products come with a 25-year performance guarantee, which further solidifies their quality. The longer the warranty period is on the products, it showcases the manufacturer’s dedication to quality. After all, no company wants to stand behind subpar products.

Aside from installing solar panels, SolarUnion also features detailed roof inspections, energy storage solutions, EV charging and upgrades! SolarUnion provides excellent quality, an attractive guarantee and reliable service from professionals that always show up with warm smiles.



Longhorn Solar: Great Customer Service

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If you’re looking for a company that’s very well established in the state, then look no further than Longhorn Solar. This company has an average 4.8-star rating across social review sites, which is no easy feat.

They are a proven solar company that offers favorable prices and guides potential clients through the step-by-step process, which is also very educational. It’s alright if you aren’t well-versed in the state and regional taxes incentives as the company will take full advantage of that for you.

As per our experience, the team at Longhorn Solar had promised a 30-day deadline and the job was completed within a week. It was quick and painless to say the least and the transformation was near instant. The installers are not subcontracted and work directly for the company. They brought a level of professionalism that every company should strive to provide and all the systems were mounted securely and efficiently.

Similarly to SolarUnion, Longhorn Solar also provides a 25-year guarantee on their solar panels.



NRG Clean Power: Most Experienced

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If going with the most experienced company is what you’re looking for, then NRG Clean Power fits the bill. You can get an instant quote right on their website and they promise to give you the best value for your money without making you pay a cent more than necessary.

From solar panels to charging and energy storage, NRG Clean Power has you covered. Their core values are to decentralize electricity generation, consummation and storage. Minimizing our carbon footprints and taking steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable future with renewable energy is also a high priority for NRG Clean Power.

With over 9000 systems installed, the company is surely the most experienced in the sector in Texas.



Freedom Solar Power: Best Equipment

Get a quote from Freedom Solar

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Freedom Solar Power meets your solar needs for your business or residence. The company has been outfitting homes with solar equipment since 2007, which gives them a lot of experience in this field. You can book a free consultation on their webpage by entering your email to start.

They work with Tesla technology, more specifically, the Powerwalls that store excess power for later use. With time comes more experience, and Freedom Solar Power can tackle the most complex roofing projects such as Spanish tiles, flat and corrugated roofs, and even ground-mounted systems.



Average Texas Home Solar Installation Costs

How much does it cost the average Texan to install solar panels on their roofs? Aside from the in-state companies we listed above that provide free consultations and quotes, Sunlux, Solar Centex and American Sentry Solar are also great companies to look into if you own homes in other states.

What price range is between $11,000 to $15,000 with the average sitting around $13,500. In other words, it’s around $2.70/watt, so the panel size will also impact the price as will the type of panel. Yes, it’s not cheap, but remember that your investment will end up paying itself off in a few years.


How do I choose a solar installer in Texas?

Choose a solar installer that has stellar customer service and plenty of experience. There are a ton of options, so if you want to save time, just pick from our top choices above.

The 3 best solar installation companies in Texas

The top 3 solar installation companies in Texas are SolarUnion, Longhorn Solar and NRG Clean Power. These companies share the most important traits such as excellent customer service, top-quality products and experience in the industry.

Financial incentives, rebates and tax credits in Texas

There are plenty of financial incentives for solar installation in Texas, While there are no statewide policies, there are some federal tax credits you can take advantage of, which equals to 30% of the total cost without a minimum.

Financing options in Texas

Most if not all solar companies in Texas offer financing options, just because the projects cost upwards of $10,000 on average. The options will vary by company, so be sure to check which financing options they offer.


Solar energy is a great investment, and one that will pay for itself and more in the long run. It’s no secret that the installation and panels are costly, but the country and state give plenty of incentives to make it worth your while. You will not only rely less on the public grid, but you can also save on utilities each month and store power for later use, all the while reducing your carbon footprint for a more sustainable future.