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Best Tesla Powerwall Alternatives

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January 22, 2022

Having a solar power battery storage system is essential if you have a solar panel roof or even just grounded solar panels. A downside is the price. A Tesla Powerwall can be expensive to some, which prompts #### Consumers to look for alternatives that have a similar performance. Let’s take a deep dive into excellent choices that work just as well from other companies.

What is a Tesla Powerwall?

What exactly is a Tesla Powerwall and what does it do? It’s Tesla’s version of a solar energy storage unit that is rechargeable. It’s also referred to as an AC battery and the unit can be wall mounted for aesthetic purposes and convenience.

There are two components within a Tesla Powerwall - the AC inverter and the lithium-ion battery pack.

The battery pack is what stores your solar energy and the AC inverter is what converts the energy to electricity and delivers it to your home power grid.

Is a Tesla Powerwall Worth It?

It sounds very technologically advanced, which is no surprise why the Tesla Powerwall commands a high price - but is it worth it? For the 10K you need to cough up to get the unit and to install it, we understand why many people are hesitant to shell out that money.

If you have a Tesla solar roof, then we would say it is worth it for a seamless integration. Even if you don’t have Tesla solar panels, a Powerwall is a good investment. However, there are more wallet-friendly options on the market that could do the job as well.

Top Alternatives to the Tesla Powerwall

1. LG RESU Prime

We kick off the list with the LG RESU Prime. LG is a well-known brand that produces anything from home appliances to smartphones. There are 2 RESU Prime options - the 16H and the 10H. We recommend the 16H for whole home backup power, and this capacity also happens to be the world’s largest at the moment.

The 10H has a 9.6 kWh, which is optimal for daily use and both capacities have remote battery monitoring. The RESU batteries charge up during the day and power your home at night. The 16H has a larger profile than the 10H, so other than taking into account what capacity you want, you also have to look at the space you have.

With your choice of either, you can rest assured knowing that you are prepared against power outages from extraordinary weather conditions and you can cut back on your electricity bills.


  • Excellent for daily use
  • 2 capacities
  • Be prepared for power outages
  • Save on utility bills
  • Detachable Control Unit
  • Dividable modules for easy installation
  • Reliable brand


  • Not too much cheaper than a Tesla Powerwall

Why We Like It

We love the detachable modules which makes installation and maintenance much easier than single units. There are also two capacities to choose from to better match your unique needs.

2. Alpha Smile Line

For residential battery storage, Alpha ESS has the Smile line. They each have varying capacities:

Smile-B3 - 3000W/2.9-17.2 kWh

The B3 has lithium iron phosphate batteries, which makes it the safest among all lithium batteries. The battery storage unit is compatible with both DC and AC coupled installations and provides multiple operation modes. It’s another modular design that is easy to maintain and install. Plus, the unit offers 24/hr monitoring.

Smile-B3-PLUS - 3000W/5.04-30.24 kWh

The B3 PLUS offers much of the same with a higher capacity than the regular B3 unit.

Smile5 - 5000W/2.9-80 kWh

The Smile5 comes complete with the features of the previous two tiers but with additions such as self #### Consumption, visualization features, and a very long lifespan.

Smile-S6-HV - 6000W/49.5 kWh

The-S6-HV is where things get a bit more advanced. The unit is outfitted with Class II lightning protection circuitry along with photovoltaic utilization.

Smile-T10-HV - 10,000W/8.2-49.5 kWh

Lastly, the Smile-T10-HV is super heavy duty and offers lightning protection as well as a phase unbalance function.

The brand also has commercial and industrial energy storage solutions, which edges out some of its competitors.


  • Various types of storage solutions
  • Advanced and safe battery
  • Some units have lighting protection
  • Photovoltaic utilization for some
  • Phase unbalance
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Multiple operation modes


  • Shorter warranty than some other options.

3. sonnenCore

The next battery storage solution also has an understated design. The sonnenCore unit is an all-in-one device to meet your storage needs. It has 100% recyclable batteries, so you can go one step further in your sustainable practices to reduce your carbon footprint, and it comes with a 10-year cycle warranty.

What really stood out about the sonnonCore battery is its quiet operation aside from its in#### Conspicuous design. What’s more, you are guaranteed compatibility with any solar array, and you can pick the Eco or ecoLINX units for higher capacities. The sonnenCore is an excellent solution when the grid is down and it manages your home’s clean energy #### Consumption throughout the day.


  • 10-year cycle warranty
  • Recyclable batteries
  • All-in-one device
  • Highly compatible with all solar arrays
  • Quiet operation
  • 3 options


  • The warranty differs with various units

4. LAVO Hydrogen Battery

The LAVO Hydrogen Battery unit not only works with rooftop solar arrays to create the power your home needs, but it also generates electricity with hydrogen, which adds another layer of sustainability.

The hydrogen is created from water and the hydrogen gets stored within the LAVO battery’s metal hydride for later use. You can monitor everything via the app and exert control over the performance of your storage unit.

There are various editions of the LAVO Hydrogen Battery, but keep in mind that the price is much higher than a Tesla Powerwall, so if you’re looking for an option to save on initial costs, this wouldn’t be the best choice.

It is, however, recommended for those an even more advanced green technology.


  • Works with solar roof arrays
  • Converts hydrogen to electricity
  • Compatible app
  • Various device editions
  • Delivers power to your home
  • Stores hydrogen


  • Staggering price

5. SolarEdge Energy Bank

The SolarEdge Energy Bank is designed to work with compatible components from the brand. The solar energy solution will maximize your use of power at any time of the year. The unit is built to work both indoors and out and is completely wall mountable to save space.

Compared to some other units, the SolarEdge Energy Bank can power larger appliances such as your washing machines and AC units for longer. You can save more on utility bills and the battery storage solution also has the ability to help homeowners pay back the unit by charging the battery and sending more energy back to the grid simultaneously.


  • Helps prevent outages with just 1 battery
  • Powers larger appliances for longer
  • Speeds up payback
  • Can connect with up to 3 solar energy banks
  • Built to use anywhere
  • Maximizes energy use all year round


  • Exact price not yet released

6. Panasonic Evervolt

The Panasonic Evervolt battery energy storage unit is a famous one that has been making its rounds on plenty of lists. You can take your pick between AC and DC coupled units, depending on your needs. For analysis, we have focused on the DC unit.

The unit also has a modular design, which we have seen with various options so far. Everything can be controlled from the app, which is very intuitive and easy to use. You can choose from different operating modes along and hit the master shutdown switch if necessary.

The unit comes with a 10-year Panasonic warranty with savings you can see upon installation. Take hundreds if not thousands off of your annual utility bills. Don’t lose out on unused energy; store it away for later use.


  • Priority backup mode
  • Onboard user interface and touchpad
  • Easily programmable
  • Compatible app
  • AC and DC-coupled installations
  • 10-year Panasonic warranty
  • Various operating modes


  • Shorter warranty period

7. Enphase Ensemble

The Enphase IQ battery now comes with load control and PCS integration. Other than saving unused solar energy, the Enphase battery will also “sell back” unused energy to the grid to further decrease your bills. Similar to the RESU Prime, the Enphase solar storage unit also utilizes lithium-ion phosphate batteries which are safer, cheaper and last longer.

You can power your appliances day and night, and not only in the situation of a power outage. The Enphase Ensemble is an entire family of technologies geared towards solar storage. The app will give you full control and monitoring over your solar use. You can reduce your carbon footprint and always be at-the-ready regardless of the weather outside.


  • Easy app
  • Decrease your bills
  • “Sell back” your unused energy
  • Lithium-ion phosphate batteries
  • Works day and night
  • Reduces your carbon footprint


  • Works as a full system

8. Generac PWRcell

The Generac PWRcell matches all the other units in terms of utility. You can save on your everyday energy bills and the app allows you to easily monitor how your daily habits impact energy #### Consumption. Decrease your dependence on the public grid while simultaneously keeping an eye on your individual expenses.

The battery storage solution aids solar energy generation to eliminate the need for fossil fuels and cancel-out emissions. The PWRcell system is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is pretty standard for battery storage systems.

What’s great about the PWRcell is its low-maintenance nature and the automatic start/stop function that kicks in when you’re not at home.


  • Financing available
  • Low maintenance
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Generates an expense forecast
  • The whole PWRcell system senses and responds to outages
  • Cuts down on costs
  • Can be dispensed at peak times


  • Not a very long warranty

9. Simpliphi Power

Simpliphi Power has the Boss.6 and Boss.12 battery-only storage systems. The Boss.6 has a 22.8 kWh capacity in a carbon steel enclosure made to withstand the elements. You can leave the unit to stand on its own or mount it with a pad. There is a corrosion-resistant fan that makes sure the battery system stays cool in any weather.

The Boss.12 has a larger capacity at 45.6 kWh within the same enclosure, but it holds more PHI batteries than its smaller counterpart. Both units share similar characteristics and the best option for you will depend on your energy needs.


  • Corrosion-resistant fan
  • PHI batteries
  • Can be pad mounted
  • 2 capacities
  • Carbon steel enclosure
  • UL 9540 certified


  • No wall mounting


As you can see, there are many Tesla Powerwall alternatives out there. The best one really depends on your individual needs because not every unit is more affordable. Do you need a higher capacity range, a lower price, or more functions? The answer to all these questions will help you find the right energy storage unit.