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6 Best Home Chargers for the Ford Mustang Mach E in 2022

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March 19, 2022

Ready to give Tesla a run for their money, Ford successfully utilizes their renowned muscle car brands and creates a fully electric model. The exterior may resemble the Mustang we have come to know and love, but what’s under the hood is completely innovative. An EV car is only as good as the charge it can hold, so a good charger for your new Mach E is crucial. Let’s explore some top options.

The Ford Mustang Mach E

Before we go into the accessories, let’s take some time to honor this transportation masterpiece. This new crossover SUV Mach is homage to the Mach 1, by taking the name and adding an E, which we assume is for electric.

There are a few different models available for purchase. First, we have the Select, and a little higher grade is the Premium, then comes the California Route 1, the First Edition and the GT being the most expensive. What’s different between the models? Why, the charging capability of course! Aside from the internal components, there are also varying details such as the sound system and sunroofs between each model.

What’s most important is the range of the Mach E on a single charge. No one wants to be stranded because your high-end car ran out of juice. Depending on the motor and the battery pack type, you’re looking at an estimated range of 211 to 305 miles, which is more than enough for the day of an average person.

We know that when compared to the Teslas, Ford still has a ways to go to match up to the models that are most efficient. But as a redeeming quality, the Mach E’s are super fast-charging that can tack on 30 miles on a regular 120 volt outlet with the manufacturer charger at night. The charger is included with your purchase, and can also manage 80% of the full charge overnight if you connect it to a 240V outlet.

If that doesn’t sound impressive to you, rest assured we have some options below that are great for at-home charging and fast-charging on road trips away.

But first, a quick review of the Ford Mach E if you’re not familiar:

Alternative Chargers for the Ford Mustang Mach E

Our Top Pick: ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger 

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The Home Flex EV charger is a whopping 9 times faster than regular models. You can choose the amperage up to 50 amps! Although, the amperage should depend on the compatibility with your home.

A universal model, the ChargePoint Home Flex is suitable for all EV car models, with Amazon Alexa and there’s even a mobile app for control. You can schedule when to charge and set reminders all with a few simple taps inside the app.

ChargePoint also makes sure to certify their Home Flex EV charger for efficiency backed by Energy Star. Speaking of backing, ChargePoint offers a 3-year warranty with customer support accessible 24/7.

You can either plug in the charger or hardwire to install it. The placement can be both indoors and out as the construction is designed to withstand the elements. The charger is easily portable to charge your car at over 100,000 charging spots worldwide.

One downside of the Chargepoint charger is probably the price. It is pretty steep but for what you’re getting, it’s well worth it.

2. Megear Level 1-2 EV Charger

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For those that are a little distressed because you do not possess a level 2 charger, the Megear is compatible with level ones as well. Sometimes level 2 chargers are not an option in a household, and Megear takes that into account and outfitted this EV charger with a level 1 adapter. One thing to be aware of is the adapter is only 3 feet long. Another leg up the Megear charger has over the other options aside from the extra adapter is the affordable price.

It doesn’t matter what EV car you drive, the Megear charger is compatible. With level 2 charging, you can extend the miles per hour by 11, which is about 3x as fast as your factory charger will allow.

The components meet all the industry standards including SAE J1772 2010 standard for the charging plug, NEMA 6-20 standard for the power plug, and more. The 25-foot cable will also give you a wide birth and lots of room to maneuver.

Even at such an affordable price, the charger from Megear is incredibly robust with an IP55 rating, leakproof construction, over and under voltage protection as well as lighting protection. It’s even flame-resistant and the LED lights will give you the details on the charging process.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime of support and 12 months warranty on the product.

3. JuiceBox 32 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

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The JuiceBox 32 has a very sleek and futuristic design. Offering charge times 6x faster than factory chargers at 32 amps, the JuiceBox can be installed both inside and out for versatility.

The cable rack is built into the device along with the security lock to make storage and safety simple and straightforward. The charger is also certified by Energy Star for efficiency and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

One of the best and most coveted features of the JuiceBox 32 is the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi allows you to connect with the app, similar to the Chargepoint Home Flex and monitor the progress. You can also set reminders and notifications. To spice things up, JuiceBox also has an LED light display during charging and can be voice controlled with Amazon Alexa as well.

Saving money is doable with the flexible settings because you can choose to charge your vehicle when the rates are lower. That way, you can return some money into your pocket over the course of the next few years.

EVs are the way of the future, and the JuiceBox keeps it simple with an easy installation. It’s highly accessible and has a 25-foot cable to give you a charge whenever you need to and store the cable away to keep it from becoming a safety hazard.

It does require hardwiring by a qualified electrician though - it can’t be plugged in to a 240V outlet.


  • Very fast charge (but does require hard-wiring)

4. Primecom Level 2 EV Charger 220/240V, 16A, 30ft & 50ft, Portable EVSE Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

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This one from PrimeCom also offers similar benefits to the above, but has a longer charging cable for more flexibility and range of motion. It also comes with the intelligence chip that takes into account all the current data to determine the appropriate voltage.

This particular vehicle charging cable has a hassle-free plug and play design. All you need to do is plug it into a dryer outlet and you’re good to go. Since it’s very similar to the above model except the length, we won’t go into much further detail, although it’s worth mentioning that it comes with a 12 month warranty and lifetime support.

It can be a bit pricier, but the level 2 charger also comes with all the safety certifications and are compliant with industry standards. You can install the charger inside the garage or outside without fearing damage.

5. Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger, 16/24/32/40 Amp, NEMA 6-50 / 14-50 Plug

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Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger charger is excellent for at-home use. They are level 2 chargers that can pump out 13-16 amps, which is much more than the charger you get with the Mach E. When you can only add 30 miles to your vehicle overnight, the Grizzl-E can add 20 km in an hour or 12 miles or so in just an hour with the 16 amp model. 

The level 2 EV chargers from Grizzl-E are waterproof, and can be installed even in outside parking spaces. You will need a 240V outlet, which is the kind that washing machines and dishwashers use. But these are very common in garages - and you can lead an extension if necessary.

What’s also great about these chargers is the intelligence chip embedded inside. To prolong the life of your battery, the chip will take into account the temperature, current battery level and more to adjust the appropriate voltage. Instead of just pumping the electricity all at once like some other inferior products, this feature will take care of your battery life and can re-start charging after a power outage.

The Grizzl-E charger is universally compatible with level 2 chargers for all EVs. Customer service is also one of the highest-rated on all of Amazon.

Don’t just take our word for the quality, this accessory is certified by Product Safety Certification, CE certifications, UL Listed Cable Certifications and more and adheres to industry standards. It is lightning proof, leak proof, waterproof and more.


  • Made in Canada
  • Charges up to 10kW (240V at 40A, depends on installation method)
  • Does not require hard-wiring: Install yourself on a 240V outlet (which outlet depends on model)
  • Excellent customer service


If you are excited about the Ford Mustang Mach E, then we’re pretty sure you would want to take as good care of it as you possibly can. One step you can take is to change up the charger with one of the above.

We put emphasis on the ones that come with an intelligence chip that can analyze data and dole out the voltage accordingly. This way, you will prolong the life of your battery and decrease the need to replace it, which can be costly.

The charger additions can also ensure faster charging in a shorter period of time, sometimes even adding as much as 12 miles per hour. You can also find bonus features such as voice control for added convenience.