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Tesla Insurance 2019 Update from Shareholder Meeting

June 11, 2019

Tesla’s shareholder meeting is ongoing, but we wanted to update our readers in the meantime with the newest on Tesla Insurance, as we know from experience that this is a pain point for a lot of Tesla and EV owners out there.

To paraphrase the CEO, Musk said that the insurance is on it’s way, but is still a while out as they need to finish an acquisition and some software before it can go live.

Elon Musk’s full quote below transcribed for your convenience.

“We’re pretty close to being able to release that – we have a small acquisition that we need to complete and a bit of software to write but it won’t be long before we release that.”

We can’t wait for the competition, and are thankful for everything Tesla has done for the electrification of society! 😁

The full shareholder meeting is linked below:

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