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Top 5 Best Home Chargers for the Bolt EUV 2022

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January 9, 2022

The all-new Chevrolet Bolt EUV is about to hit the market. It is a refreshed and improved SUV design. The EUV, or Electric Utility Vehicle, is well-equipped with a 200 HP motor that can bring a total of 250 miles per full charge. The 65.0 kWh battery is efficient and powerful, but the charge time and battery life depend on the charger.

The Chevy Bolt EUV provides you with a superior driving experience complete with a semi-automatic driving system. The utilitarian EV deserves the best in return with a top-quality charger.

A quick review of the car below before we get started:

Our Top Choice: JuiceBox 32 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

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The JuiceBox 32 earns the title of Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station largely due to the smart-grid savings feature that allows you to schedule your charge times when the price is the lowest. The convenient WiFi support with the JuiceBox app will allow you to observe the charging process, which is about 6x faster than the factory charger.

If you do not want to keep checking your phone, you can see the status via the LED light display. With the WiFi connectivity, you can pair the charger with Amazon Alexa or Echo devices for voice control.

The built-in cable rack for the JuiceBox 32 keeps the wire off the ground and prevents accidents. Even as a highly certified electric charger, the JuiceBox 32 still comes with a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The Juicebox 32 needs to be hardwired by an electrician instead of just a simple plug-in. Depending on your residential area, the smart charger could be eligible for local incentives, which can save on installation costs.


  • 6x faster charge times
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Can be scheduled to charge when rates are lowest
  • JuiceBox app
  • Can be paired with Amazon Alexa or Echo devices
  • Can qualify for rebates
  • Built-in cable rack
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Can be set up to remind you of charging
  • LED display

Why We Like It

Both the Amazon Alexa and Echo device integration can greatly increase user convenience. You can also make sure you charge your Bolt EUV when the rates are the lowest to save even more money.

2. ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger

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The ChargePoint Home Flex level 2 charger is a top contender for the Bolt EUV. Get charge times up to 9x more efficient than the regular factory charger. The amperage is adjustable, from 16a to 50a, so you can set the right amp for your home system.

The Home Flex charger is can be hardwired or set up as a plug-in installation. Regardless of the setup, the ChargePoint level 2 charger is compatible with multiple EV models, just in case you have more than one at home.

ChargePoint features a downloadable app for your phone that allows you to monitor the charging process and even schedule the charge for when the price is the cheapest. On top of that, the charger is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices for hands-free control.

The Home Flex charger is also available for rebates and tax incentives depending on where you are located and is backed by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Wide compatible for many EV models
  • 9x faster charge times
  • Adjustable amperage
  • Compatible with Alexa devices
  • ChargePoint app
  • 3-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Customer support 247
  • Eligible for product rebates
  • Easy installation

Why We Like It

Convenience is a top consideration for ChargePoint. Amazon Alexa makes controlling the device much easier than the alternative, and the app consolidates all the data in one place.

3. PrimeCom Type 1 (J1772) US Level-2 Portable EVSE Smart Electric Vehicle Charger (220V, 12Amp)

The level 2 chargers from PrimeCom make it onto our list due largely in part to the intelligent chip embedded in the hardware. The chip is able to analyze 6 different sets of data including the ambient battery temperature and the battery capacity to determine the best voltage to prolong battery longevity.

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The PrimeCom chargers are slightly slower than the previous two models at only 2x faster than the factory Bolt EUV charger, but it comes with a variety of features to make up for the speed deficiency.

If you have a type 2 connector, the PrimeCom EV charger will work with your car! What’s most appealing about the PrimeCom charger is it adheres to strict safety guidelines and has earned multiple certifications such as CE certification, and UL certification.

The robust design ensures the EV charger is safe to use both indoors and out. The device is lightning-proof, waterproof, and leakproof with extra protection against overheating.


  • Includes an intelligent chip
  • Prolongs battery life
  • 2x faster than factory chargers
  • Universal compatibility
  • Extra protection against leaks, lightning, water, and more
  • Certified from multiple institutions
  • Can be installed indoors and out
  • Capable of 20 miles per hour of charging

Why We Like It

The intelligent chip is by far the most coveted feature of the PrimeCom level 2 charger. It can gather relevant data to prevent voltage dumping that could harm battery levels in the long run.

3. Megear Level 1-2 EV Charger

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There are plenty of drivers without level 2 charger compatibility in their homes. If this is your situation, the Megear Level 1-2 EV Charger is the best choice for you. It is a level 2 charger but possesses a level 1 adapter to accommodate the common outlet.

The Megear charger is compatible with most EV models and fits nicely into dryer, RV, or regular wall outlets. The charging speeds are 3x faster than regular factory chargers and add about 11 miles per hour.

The charger is IP55 waterproof, flame-resistant, lightning-proof, leakproof, and protects against overheating and overvoltage as well.

Anytime you run into problems with the Megear charger, the customer service is ready to assist with lifetime hassle-free support. The device itself comes with a 1-year warranty on parts.


  • Comes with a level 1 adapter
  • Fits with most EV car models
  • Can deliver 11 miles/hour and 3x faster charge times
  • IP55 waterproof rating
  • Flame-resistant, lightning-proof and leakproof
  • Protects against overheating and overvoltage
  • Excellent customer support
  • 1-year warranty

Why We Like It

A robust design gives users peace of mind when investing in EV chargers. The certifications and durability of the Megear charger put any concerns to rest. Also, the level 1 adapter that comes with the device makes it a more versatile choice than other options.

5. Primecom Level 2 EV Charger 220/240V

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The previous PrimeCom charger only offered up to 2x faster charge times, but the 220/240V option can increase that number up to 6! You can get a 26 to 33-mile range per hour of charge depending on the amperage you select.

The more powerful PrimeCom charger also features an intelligent chip that analyzes the same sets of data to prevent voltage over-dumping. Your battery will last longer and retain efficiency over the years.

The installation is very easy and the charger boats a plug and play design. Like the first model, this PrimeCom charger is also certified by renowned institutions. The rugged leakproof, waterproof and flame-resistant design allows you to install the charger both indoors and out for your convenience.


  • Features the intelligent chip
  • Up to 6x as fast as regular chargers
  • Optimizes battery efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Durable design
  • Many certifications
  • Can be installed indoors and out
  • 12-month warranty
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Universal compatibility

Why We Like It

We like this unit for all the same reasons as we do the first one from PrimeCom, except we appreciate the even faster charge time up to 6x as efficient. The intelligent chip is another feature not many chargers can possess that helps maintain reliability over time.


  1. Will these chargers work for other cars if I upgrade an EV later?

Yes, these chargers will work with other cars if you decide to upgrade your EV, unless stated otherwise. Most of the options we have listed are universally compatible level 2 chargers that suit many car models.

  1. Do I need to upgrade my circuits?

Whether or not you need to upgrade your circuit will depend on how fast you want to charge your vehicle, what type of house you have and the circuitry. The best way to be sure if upgrades are needed is to consult a local electrician or professional. For the most part, these models can determine the right voltage to work with your home grid and can plug into regular outlets.


The Bolt EUV is General Motors’ breakthrough design. It is an extension of the Bolt line modeled with SUV features. Affordable pricing is one of the factors that sets it apart from other EVs, such as the Tesla Model Y, which is slated to hit markets at about the same time.

The vehicle is highly efficient, offering around 250 miles per full charge, and can work with regular 120V outlets in your home. It is also compatible with 240V outlets for faster charge times, but nothing beats investing in a top-grade EV charger like the ones above to get the most use out of the battery.