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Top KIA EV6 Home Chargers - Is Yours Among Them?

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May 27, 2022

The Kia EV6 is a sleek electric crossover vehicle with an exterior that can give the Porsche Cayenne and Macan a run for their money. The EV car is engineless, which gives drivers more room and comes equipped with a ton of features including Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), a Surround View Monitor system and much more. However, the key lies within the charger as that’s what dictates how quickly your EV6 is powered up and ready to go.

About the Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 is a big deal because it is the company’s first run at a completely dedicated EV. The range is estimated to be about 310 miles, which is pretty impressive, and the vehicle comes with two battery choices and either all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Charging times for the Kia EV6 can range from 7 to 9 hours or more - it depends on your at-home charger.

Get a full charge quickly and at a decent cost with our top picks below. 

Best Chargers for Kia EV6

1. PrimeCom EV Charging Station

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Starting off our list is the PrimeCom EV Charging Station for your EV6. It is one of the chargers that offers the most adjustable amperages we have seen from your choice of 12, 25, 28, 30, 32, 40, 48 and 50 amps. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which to use, because the charger comes with an intelligence chip onboard that will automatically provide the suggested one.

The PrimeCom charger offers up to 10x faster charging than the factory-provided charger, which means you can get your vehicle juiced up and ready to go much quicker. The longer charging port is also a convenience that broadens your placement options. 

The PrimeCom EV charging station is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations because it comes with an IP56 waterproof rating. The charger went under stringent testing in order to gain certification and it also possesses 12 safety features built into the unit to not only protect itself but your EV as well.


  • 4 different plug options
  • Has CE certifications
  • Longer cord options if necessary
  • Adjustable amperage
  • Intelligence chip equipped
  • RFID key


  • Designed for U.S. outlets only and will need an adapter for international use

Why We Like It

We always appreciate adjustable amperages for compatibility, and the intelligence chip makes choosing the suitable one effortless.

2. Chargepoint Home Flex EV Charger, nema 14-50

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The Chargepoint Home Flex EV Charger often makes it onto our lists because it is of stellar quality - specifically the nema 14-50 plug. The unit works with Alexa voice control once you connect it to an Alexa device.

One of the most pressing concerns when buying a home charger is compatibility, but the Chargepoint Home Flex EV charger eliminates this worry because it works with all EV models. It provides fast charging and easy control with Alexa plus the Chargepoint app that you can download onto your smartphone.

With the app installed, you can set the charger to charge your EV when rates are at their lowest - saving you money. Aside from that, you can also monitor the charging, set reminders, and see all the data in the palm of your hand.

The unit is UL-listed and Energy Star-certified backed by a 3-year warranty and excellent customer service 24/7.


  • UL-listed and Energy Star-certified unit
  • 3-year warranty
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Has a compatible app
  • Works with Alexa devices
  • Suitable for all EV models
  • Can be installed indoors and out
  • Adjustable amperage


  • Not the cheapest option available

Why We Like It

The Chargepoint Home Flex EV Charger is feature-packed and has all the functions needed to make at-home charging easy. 

3. Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart EV Charger

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The Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart EV Charger is a very compact unit that will undoubtedly be aesthetically pleasing in your home. There aren’t adjustable amperage options, so you will need to either pick the 40 or the 48-amp option. The level 2 charger has charging speeds that are up to 7 times faster than regular chargers, making it a significant time-saver.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on board to work with the myWallbox app you can download onto your phone to monitor charging.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus can accommodate more than one charger at once, so you can charge more than one EV at a time.

There are two additional features of the Wallbox Pulsar Plus that we found to be very impressive - the Power Boost and the Eco-Smart features.

The Power Boost will boost the charging capacity to the unit’s maximum even in homes that are limited and the Eco-Smart function can exclusively use green energy if you have solar panels at home or use green and grid energy together.


  • Has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available
  • Has an app for control
  • Power Boost and Eco-Smart features
  • 7 times faster charging
  • Small and compact
  • Can charge more than one vehicle at a time


  • No amperage adjustment

Why We Like It

We really enjoy the affordable price of this unit with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth available for your convenience. 

4. Lectron Level 2 EV Charger

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For those looking for a budget deal, you really can’t find much better than the Lectron LeveL 2 EV Charger. The price of the Lectron EV charger is almost half of some of the other chargers available while still providing high compatibility and ease of use.

The cable works with all EVs and hybrids, which makes it an excellent choice for users who have more than one type of EV. It may not have a fancy app, but the Lectron provides top-of-the-line performance for a more basic design. Basic in this case also means straightforward operation, so there is a very minimal learning curve after installation.

The LED indicator lights very clearly display the status of the charger and the charging process - there isn’t a need for an app to monitor it. The unit is built to last and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Basic and simple operation
  • Very affordable price
  • Compatible with EVs and hybrids
  • LED indicator lights
  • 1-year warranty


  • Can’t be monitored away from the house

Why We Like It

We’re pretty sure most consumers like to find a product that’s affordable and high-quality, which is what the Lectron Level 2 EV charger is. 

5. MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger 

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The MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger is another option similar to our number 4, which focuses on simplicity and ease. With that being said, the price tag is also equally attractive. The MUSTART charger provides 2.5 times faster charging than average units. It works with most EVs, which includes your Kia EV6.

This unit is an upgraded version and is endowed with a more advanced intelligence chip, a sturdier body with an aerodynamic design, and topped off with an HD LCD screen. The control box and EV connector have IP waterproof ratings of 65 and 67 respectively, so they can be installed inside or out, depending on your setup.

The MUSTART charger is easy to install and is equipped with protection features such as overvoltage and leaking protection among others.


  • Fast charging speeds
  • IP waterproof ratings of 65 and 67
  • Compatible with most EVs
  • Has onboard protection measures
  • Simple and easy to use
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities

Why We Like It

We like how easy the unit is to install and use. Although the price is very affordable, the MUSTART charger still prides itself on its quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to fully charge my EV6?

Depending on the charger and amperage, your EV6 can charge to 80% (the ideal percentage) in as little as 18 minutes!

Is it worth buying a home charger for my EV6?

Yes, it’s worth buying a home charger for your EV6. If you get a level 2 charger, the charging times are drastically reduced. You can also manage your charging from an app if one is available and set up charging to happen when rates are at their lowest.

Can I install my home charger on my own? 

Yes, you can install a level 1 charger at home on your own, but not a level 2. However, if you have no experience, then we would strongly suggest enlisting the help of a professional electrician

What is the difference between a level 1 and a level 2 charger?

In short, level 1 chargers are slower and level 2 chargers charge faster. Level 2s add about 25 miles of range per hour (RPH) and level 1s only add about 4. 

Bottom Line

There are plenty of home chargers on the market but not all of them will live up to expectations. Choosing from one of the five we suggested is a safe bet, but we still suggest looking at your home set up to identify the best one. In general, look for a unit that has been rigorously tested, certified, is compatible with your vehicle, and provides the features you need.