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VW ID.3 Design Reveal And Launch Livestream

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September 9, 2019

The VW ID3 design is revealed! See the first pictures of the non-camouflaged car and full specs here.

Find the stream here. The VW ID3 Launch and Reveal event began at 11am PST.

The schedule is as below from the VW website:

09.09. 07:45-08:45 pm CEST - Volkswagen live | Guest: Herbert Diess | Group Night
10.09. 10:00-10:45 am CEST - Volkswagen live | Guest: Frank Welsch | Press conference Brand
10.09. 03:00-03:30 pm CEST - Volkswagen live | Guest: Joachim Löw | DFB cooperation
11.09. 10:00-10:30 am CEST - Volkswagen live | Guest: Jürgen Stackmann | New Brand Design
11.09. 03:00-03:30 pm CEST - Volkswagen live | Guest: Romain Dumas | ID.R 

The full press release below from the website:

2019 - The year of "New Volkswagen"!
You can experience the new brand identity exclusively at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). Because it's time to make the new Volkswagen brand something to experience for everyone.

Wherever you are: you can follow the live presentation of the new brand. For the first time, Volkswagen will be on location at a Motor Show with its NewsDesk. At the IAA kick-off, we will be reporting daily from our booth, across all the press days (September 9-11).

The Volkswagen Communications’ team is especially looking forward to your visit in Frankfurt. At our NewsDesk, you not only get all the information you need from the world of Volkswagen, we also provide interviews, workplaces and a wide range of images - and even a TV editing station/suite. In short: At the Volkswagen IAA NewsDesk, journalists will find what they require.

With our webcast "Volkswagen live" you can follow the Group Night (September 9), the Volkswagen Press Conference (September 10) and exclusive talks with Board members and top stars. "Volkswagen live" offers five live broadcasts and extensive additional material from the IAA. And this is not just for looking at it: As a special service, we offer a download with three camera positions - so that you can download the best perspective for your medium. 

Source: VW Press Release

  • Range:
    • VW ID.3 Basic Variant – 45 KWh: 210 mi WLTP (330 km)
    • VW ID.3 First Edition (mid-range) – 58 KWh: 260 mi WLTP (420 km)
    • VW VW ID.3 Long-Range Variant – 77 KWh: 340 mi WLTP (550 km)
  • Power: 150 kW (200 hp)
  • Price: Same as Golf ($35,000 range), but with less service and 13 less fuel costs.
  • Price: Starts at $32,000.
  • 310 N⋅m (230 lbf⋅ft) of Torque
  • Low Center of gravity
  • “Augmented reality” Heads Up Display
  • Nightrider-like / Alexa-like Speech functions: if you say “Hello ID” it’ll listen to you
  • Cloud-synced, live-updated charging station maps
  • Bringing kids on stage to be “proud of their parents”



VW ID3 Interior:

  • Enter CEO Herbert Diess on stage
  • Want to bring electric car from niche to the center of society
  • In November production will begin in Zwickau
  • In Spring the first customers will receive their cars
  • The 1st “100% carbon-neutral car” in the world, with offsets in Borneo rainforest
  • Beginning of huge new offensive: Taycan a few days ago, e-Tron already shipping, more to come soon.

  • Some believe that automobiles won’t be a thing in the future. We disagree: Cars, without their downsides, will continue to provide freedom in the future.
  • Climate protection is not a burden, it is an opportunity.

That’s a wrap!

An initial Review is also linked below now that the embargo has been lifted – see interior and exterior shots in the video review from Autogefühl.

Our take:

Great to finally see the designs of the Porsche Taycan and the VW ID3, and be able to compare them to existing products like the Tesla Model 3 – but they’re not shipping yet. Big wheels take a while to spin up – we get it – but let’s ship these babies to production! Nevertheless, after all the teasing we can not wait for this car to begin deliveries in Spring 2020 – we believe it will be amazing for the industry. We also hope to bring affordable EV insurance to the new EV fans joining in 2020, like we already bring affordable Tesla Model 3, S and X insurance to all the owners already out there. Welcome, ID3!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting the electification of transport. ⚡️