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Why the time is right for EV auto insurance specialists

June 17, 2019

What is electric car insurance and how is it different?

If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment, you may be thinking about getting behind the wheel of a green car, such as an electric car. And these vehicles are likely to become more and more popular in the next few years as fuel prices continue to rocket.

It’s been covered broadly that electric cars are more expensive to insure, and this is one of the roadblocks still holding up EV adoption in 2019. And yet, the hardest part has been done – the hardware is here and performant, they are safer, cheaper to own than comparable gas cars, and by 2025 EVs will be cheaper to buy outright than internal combustion vehicles.

Searching for cheap electric car insurance quotes today

With this explosive growth ahead of us, what is the experience like today? Well – you’ll have to spend the time manually getting quotes from most of these 13 companies. Some of the time, the agents won’t know how to price these new vehicles. Some of the time, they will. This is why we think the time is right for an auto insurance company to focus on Electric Vehicle Insurance – we need Specialists.

More and more traffic on this site comes in through questions like: “is it more expensive to insure an electric car”, or “why is electric car insurance so expensive”, and we think therefore the time is right for an EV insurance specialist company.

To get cheap electric car insurance - you may have to go to a specialist provider

Best case, and EV insurance company would be both cheaper and better – with better support in claims through online chat support, better technology (through being online-only and having no agents), and offering better, cheaper prices at the same coverage in more states. And this company would start helping this fast-growing market, today.

We think the time is right for these things, and that’s why we built electrade

Other considerations when buying electric car insurance

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