We make leasing an electric car as futuristic as the car.

Lower your gas bill with 10x fewer calls and zero fees.

Save Effort

Multiple offers from all EV dealers, all in one simple, comparable format. We find and index the top EV dealers in your area.

Save Money

We present your leasing options in a simple, comparable format.

No-hassle purchase

We've vetted the best dealers in your area, and introduce them directly to their agents without you getting added to marketing lists and deals offers.

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All in one place

We aggregate deals from all available EV dealerships in your area and present you their pricing in a comparable, apples-to-apples comparison. Saving you time shopping around and looking for deals.


All EVs provide a predictable, affordable transportation alternative. Why shouldn't purchasing them be predictable and affordable too? Don't get lost in fancy words and hidden fees. We present a clear, simple pricing structure and lease terms for all EV models.

SMS introduction

Have questions on options and extras? Want to negotiate further or qualify for a special rebate? We introduce you directly to the sales agent without adding your email getting onto 10 different dealership marketing lists so you can take the final steps directly from your phone!

About Electrade

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People love electrade...

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Nicholas E. – Santa Monica, CA

"Using Electrade, I was able to lease an i3 for $189/mo below what I thought was possible. These guys are responsive and easy to interact with."

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Sarah W. – Long Beach, CA

"I loved my 2013 Model S but when it came time to replace it, purchasing from any other manufacturer felt like going back to the 90s. Electrade saved me hours, and I'm in love with my new Mach E."

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Armin S. – San Marcos, CA

"Traditional agents don't understand electric cars, Electrade knew exactly what I was looking for and was able to get me introduced to an amazing agent very quickly!"

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